Leather Backpack Myths That We Should Debunk – What to Know

The internet has made the spread of information easier than ever before. Unfortunately, this means that myths and misconceptions spread like wildfire as well. There are many statements that have been told often enough that people think they are real. Many of them are supported by nothing but superstition, some by anecdotal evidence, and others are simply misunderstandings.

Although you might be nodding your head in agreement right now, there is a chance that you may be the victim of a myth and maybe even one that has been spreading it. A fact that you believe to be true may be completely false or only be a twisted truth.

When it comes to leather backpacks, there are several misconceptions that have been going around and keeping people from making a purchase. We’ll be debunking them today.

Leather backpacks are heavy

People often say that leather backpacks are extremely heavy when in fact, they aren’t at all. Leather bags undergo a process of tanning that makes them light and soft. In fact, plenty of celebrities are seen wearing leather backpacks because they’re perfect for carrying all of the things that they need. This type of backpack is lightweight and can easily handle heavy stuff, be it a camera, makeup, notebooks, or anything else. If you’ve had a bad experience with a heavy leather bag, be suspicious – it may not be authentic!

Leather backpack straps are fragile

Another common myth is that the straps on leather backpacks are fragile and unable to carry heavy weight. However, this isn’t true. Most leather backpacks are entirely made of leather, which is actually an incredibly strong and durable material. Your straps aren’t going to wear out very easily! If you doubt it, you can call a leather manufacturing company and ask about the manufacturing process of their straps.

Backpack straps are the first bearers of the weight. Therefore, they are given the same attention as the other parts of your bag are. Most straps are made of three layers of leather. Sure, it will wear out eventually, but it won’t wear out any faster than another type of bag. Leather backpacks are meant to be used every day. They are strong and aren’t easily damaged like bags made of other materials. During the tanning process, full grain leather bags are made with high-grade oils. Preservatives will also be used to extend the life of the leather for 30 to 40 years. You don’t have to worry about your bag breaking – leather bags can be used for decades!

Leather backpacks will hurt your back

Plenty of people go around parroting that leather backpacks are bad for your back. Although back pain can certainly result from a bag, this is not because of the material, but rather the type. Messenger bags and crossbody bags will result in more pain to your back when they are used to carry heavy things like laptops and books. Carrying heavy items in your backpack is actually the better course of action. If you are experiencing back and shoulder pain, it’s the result of choosing the wrong kind of backpack. Remember – it has nothing to do with the fact that it is leather.

Leather backpacks are easily damaged by water

Leather bags are tough because they are tanned and waxed well. The myth of leather backpacks failing to be water resistant is incorrect because these bags actually are great at withstanding harsh weather. Whether they are exposed to sunlight or heavy rain, genuine leather bags remain strong and durable. Moreover, you will never see cracks form on your bag if it’s genuine.  

Leather bags are suited for every sense of style and any occasion. Why let misconceptions hold you back? Show off your beautiful leather bag! If you have yet to own one, you have a few reasons to buy now!   

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